What is at stake ?


Anticipating risks and opportunities in strategic environment is a prerequisite for improving the corporate competitivity and arbitrating its risks. Successfully managing risks paves the way toward fundamental value creation. Under that respect, decision processes quality of organization is the first issue that members of the board should address. Progress in that field requires the mobilization of all manager expertise and a bold organization of decision processes both leveraged by an efficient underlying modelization and forecasting tools.

The increasing concern of members of the board for all types of investments in the corporation requires more intense exchanges of views between them and managers on value creation strategy. Such exchanges needs to be precise and based upon updated anticipation on business prospect. The business plan forecasting model should ideally be used as a media for building a consensus between involved managers and MOB on what should be anticipated from proposed decisions.

In return performances of managers should be evaluated relatively to the way risks and opportunities were managed. Such an evaluation should be based on business plan models agreed for the evaluated period.

Such a dialog, to produce corporate value, requires a relevant decision process organization based on modelization platform making it quick and easy to create, maintain and share business forecasting models.