Raoul de Saint Venant



He has a 25 years expertise in decision making for most of the industrial sectors in France and abroad.

His main focus is now on decision process improvement by a better working organization, a better knowledge management and the use of ITs.
The experience he gained in this field, pushed him to created modelEdition SA.

Raoul gave lectures and wrote essays on a lot of topics referring to decision processes : Innovative strategy formulations (86), Strategic production management (91), Shareholders/managers relationships management(92 and 96), Ergonomics in services industry (96), Development management (98), Core business management(97), Market share modelization (97), Money as a service industry (98), TCP/IP revolution (98), Pricing strategies (2001), A better decision making (2001), Strategic quality and risks management (2001), Sharing decision making (2003), French procrastination (2006) , The French health services industry (2007), Housings, a un-marketed property (08)

François Chavaudret

Executive director


François has a 20 years expertise in decision making gained with SEMA, Deloitte, SRI International (ex Stanford Research Institute) and IMC with a focus on ITs. Meanwhile François co-founds Kaptech (telco) and Antalis-TV (Numerical TV broadcasting operator). He did also involved himself in legal business expertise.

Within modelEdition, he is in charge of the marketing and partnership management. He is also directly involved in the conception and the evolution of tétrAèdre.

Arnaud de Boysson

Financial partnership and consulting practice development

Former CEO of Soulé group from 1986 to 2000 (500 employees, 80M€ revenue, electric appliances, acquisition from a MBO).

Prior to that Arnaud worked as a strategy management consultant with the Boston Consulting Group from 1981 to 1986.

He advises senior managers on change management on topics such as new position taking over, M&A, technology breakthrough management.

Lino Cringoli

Manager of design and model ergonomics.


Lino has been working in fine arts for 25 years. He specialized in painting and illustration realizing, among others, large size mural works. Prior to that, he was a teacher in fine arts in Milano and authored and scenographed theater plays
He graduated a master at Roma fine art university