ModelEdition SA was created in may 2001.

Its creation was a reaction to the low corporate reactivity observed by the founders as strategy management consultants. Our vision was that the slow corporation reactivity was not a fatality but a consequence of a lack of proper organization concepts and forecasting modelization tools.

We started with the development of tétrAèdre, our forecasting modelization platform, thanks to the technology of our international patent on "control command of complex organism" and to an OSEO-ANVAR subsidy.

Our first contracts gave us the opportunity to develop and improve our own concept of "decision process". Decision process is an organizational concept aiming at increasing the corporate decision quality through providing services to decision makers such as an easy access to a forecasting modelization platform like tétrAèdre.

ModelEdition was created by a team of experimented strategy and organization consultants : Jean Claude Tourret IMC SA chairman, François Chavaudret, Kaptech and Antalis-TV founder, Arnauld de Boysson and Raoul de Saint Venant