What do we provide

We specialize in collaborative management planning solutions for industrial companies and investment banking. Management planning aims at organizing the preparation and the follow-up of decisions based on managers expectations.

We provide :

Enabling of collaborative management planning practices through our editing platforms with an easy and shared access to management models. It aims at improving your reactivity, your reliability and your management consensus with management planning models.

For big but rather stationary planning models we offer our "shared spreadsheet™" solution. We provide audit of existing spreadsheets, restoration of there desired functionalities, and the implementation of its cooperative uses.

For more complex businesses we offer tétrAèdre™ our proprietary solution. We provide consulting for specifications, platform initial configuration accordingly and field implementation.

A framework for organizing decision preparation and follow-up practices across the corporation : the decision process. Today, making and following up decisions involves the whole corporate managers. Every one may be involved in decision processes because of the variety of experience they can provide to it. To improve the organization of this work may increase the efficiency of the whole corporation and, furthermore, provide a better relevance, reactivity and consensus on business strategy. The decision process framework is the right conceptual framework for coordinating and feeding back decision makers. Supported with appropriates tools, it frees decision makers from many of their operational burdens.

As a whole, we focus on providing a permanent decision process organization resulting on a sustainable value creation