TétrAèdre aims at enabling easier and faster generation and maintenance of forecasting models in a collaborative way.

TétrAèdre is a planning model edition platform for facilitating and accelerating collaborative decision making. It enables:

  •     Generation and maintenance automation of forecasting model scenarios, export to Excel
  •     Instant scenario updates according to effective results of decisions implementation (rolling-forecast)
  •     Easy collaboration on building forecasting scenarios : distant access, scenarios increased lisibility, access management, modification tracking, etc.
  •     Other functionalities : automatic optimum scenario proposition, Monte Carlo scenarios for risks management, automated graphs, dedicated comments edition, causalities research, etc.,

TétrAèdre supplements legacy management tools with a professional solution for high value added, dedicated and fast deployment applications. It provides:

  •     High versatility, fast and easy deployment, access right management
  •     Tasks specialization in decision makers, model administrators and model designers
  •     Model management tasks automation

TétrAèdre, since it provides a fully functional planning modelisation layer, complements data management from legacy management tools such as ERPs, CPMs, BI, etc.