Some characteristics

Model precision :


  •     TétrAèdre has already been used to design error free models with 20000 time variables and 80 000 formulas. Far larger models are possible if necessary.
  •     TétrAèdre design versatility is superior to spreadsheets' because it adds events management architecture and other feature.


A decision making oriented user interface for dynamic simulation of complex organism. TétrAèdre :


  •     Provides a broad access to forecasting models thanks to its user interface
  •     Enables maintenance of a forecasting model scenario taking in account a change in the activity perimeter with few mouse clicks. Uses an object oriented like approach to manage entities like plants, points of sales, product portfolio,..
  •     Access rights managed by user profiles.


Event management Architecture:


  •     Entities in model (such as plants, point of sale, products...) can be managed by manageable events. It enables easy rolling forecast such as instantly taking in account delay in new plant rolling out.


Reliability :


  •     All variables are managed in a central database
  •     Zero error generation and maintenance because of its automation (thank to object oriented like technology)


Under constraints optimization :


  •     Seamless integrated in all generated model
  •     Enable automatic generation of an optimal scenario (e.g. lowest cost, highest cash flow, ..)


Interface with legacy management tools (ERP, BI, CPM…) :


  •     Data importation via Excel ou Access.
  •     Scenario Exportation to Excel
  •     ETL with any management tools available