Production strategy

Multisite management



To decide intersite production allocation and investment policy. This can be done prior to budget process or prior to any investment decision. The production network can be of any complexity or diversity with any type of transportation links, stocks or production management policy, any type of tax system, ...

What is modelized ?


Direct costs, fix ou variable :

  •     Row material, consumables, equipments, machinery, transportation, salary and social regulations

Indirect cost

  •     Design and industrialization costs, market approach,...
  •     Variety and complexity cost , experience effect,...

Production capacity

  •     Production capacity are considered in single scenario calculation or in under constraints optimum scenarios look up.

Cash flow

  •     Taxes : profit taxes, other taxes , tax carry back,
  •     Cash needs
  •     Amortization, IFRS type amortization

What for ?


  •     Cost and cash flow simulation
  •     Optimum allocation or investment (under constraint optimization)
  •     Plant cost profile
  •     Investment decisions


How does Tétraèdre differentiates ?:


    Corporate value creation:

  •         shorter decision cycle
  •         more effective decision
  •         effective implementation follow-up (rolling-forecast)
  •         easier consensus building
  •         lower long term owning cost -

    Collaborative work:

  •         easy read and design access to models
  •         shared management concepts
  •         access to intermediary calculation

    Access management :

  •         validation circuit
  •         decision and change tracking
  •         decision process management by an administrator
  •         partial audit approach