Maximizing profit needs a comprehensive review of pricing with a forecasting model.
The more the market is global, the more a global pricing approach is necessary. Moreover, pricing policy should be managed through a pricing decision process involving sales department, product lines, finance department...

What should be considered in a pricing model ? :


  •     value based customer market segmentation
  •     perceived value model by individual customers (conjoint analysis)
  •     marketing costs per sale and per customer
  •     production and purchase costs dynamics per unit
  •     long term revenue per customer
  •     competition positioning
  •     customer industry structure


What for ?


  •     Optimum pricing look-up.
  •     Pricing decision process support.
  •     Optimal capacity management.
  •     Yield management support.
  •     Business cases.
  •     Mark-up management.
  •     Global market positioning
  •     Implementation of pricing models such as conjoint analysis, Bertrand equilibrium, Cournot equilibrium, Cournot optimum.


How does Tétraèdre differentiates ?:

Corporate value creation:

  •     shorter decision cycle
  •     more effective decision
  •     effective implementation follow-up (rolling-forecast)
  •     easier consensus building
  •     lower long term owning cost

Collaborative work:

  •     easy read and design access to models
  •     shared management concepts
  •     access to intermediary calculation

Access management :

  •     validation circuit
  •     decision and change tracking
  •     decision process management by an administrator
  •     partial audit approach