Business plan



Matching main investment or business model decisions with cash availability

What is modelized ?


  •     Structure and corporate organization
  •     Management concepts to be shared by managers
  •     Costs or revenues components and links between them
  •     Decisions which could be involve corporation structure
  •     Dynamics of cost or revenue (experience effects, penetration curves,...)


What for ?


  •     Design of a base development scenario due to drive others corporate decisions
  •     Financing needs planing
  •     Market shares forecasting
  •     Cost forecasting and resources requirement planing.
  •     Preparation of decision to be taken in reaction to internal or external events
  •     Objectives update with most recent economics forecasts
  •     Real option and optimal decision timing (derived from Black and Scholes theory)


How does Tétraèdre differentiates ?:


Corporate value creation:

  •     shorter decision cycle
  •     more effective decision
  •     effective implementation follow-up (rolling-forecast)
  •     easier consensus building
  •     lower long term owning cost

Collaborative work:

  •     easy read and design access to models
  •     shared management concepts
  •     access to intermediary calculation

Access management :

  •     validation circuit
  •     decision and change tracking
  •     decision process management by an administrator
  •     partial audit approach