• Text explaining what value can be created with a forecasting model and presenting solution proposed by modelEdition(in French).

Livre blanc sur la prévision économique et financière

  •     Results of an analysis of corporate needs. Useful to benchmark yourself in forecasting model issues (in French)

Besoins des entreprises en matière prévisionnelle

  •     Use this questionnaire to think about your forecasting issues. Once filled, send it to modelEdition in order to be contacted by our commercial manager(in French).

Questionnaire sur les besoins en matière prévisionnelle

  •     Article published in the January 2007 issue of "la Jaune et la Rouge", the école polytechnique de Paris alumni review. It describes an application of decision process to country government, a task more complex than managing a corporation of any size (in French).

La procrastination à la francaise

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